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Abortion Clinic Services in Alexandria, Virginia

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You have the right to choose. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic in Alexandria, Virginia, and our abortion clinic services are here for you.

Abortion Clinic Services

Today, first trimester abortions are one of the safest surgical procedures available. In fact, it is 11 times safer than childbirth. Complications are rare. In fact, according to National Abortion Federation statistics, only 2.5% of women having first trimester abortions experienced minor complications including heavy bleeding or incomplete abortion.
Of these 2.5%, less than half required additional surgery, usually handled in the abortion facility. Also of these 2.5%, less than 0.5% had more serious complications that required some additional surgical procedure and hospitalization.

Infertility and Sedation

Any abortion provided by our clinic, whether it is by pill or surgical abortion, will not result in infertility. You can choose to be awake or asleep for this procedure.

Contact our women's health clinic in Alexandria, Virginia, for abortion clinic services. We care for your rights and your well being.